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It's Time For a New Job Handshake - the MAKiN' iT SHAKE! Enter Contest.

“The moves that got you here, won’t get you there!” That’s a phrase I’ve thrown out across the U.S. to thousands of people attending my seminars. Continuous improvement is the name of the game. Now it’s time to heed my own advice. COVID-19 is cramping my style. The realization that I must change my game is hitting hard like a ton of project building bricks falling on my head. The life I know is going to look really different – maybe for a while. But even though I’m doing what’s necessary to keep six feet apart from others, life keeps going. I keep changing, evolving. And given the impending labor market changes, many of the young people I serve will be looking for work or working harder to land a job. And since these new times call for new moves, I’m here to tell you - the King has another move! In the past, I told you to go in for that interview with a firm handshake. For now, pump the brakes on that skin contact. Instead, there are a few coronavirus-friendly ways to turn that contact into a connect without ever crossing germs – and it starts with the set-up - you. Times are changing – fast. Much respect will go to those bold enough to lead the changes we need for our public health. And now’s the time for you to be a leader in the all-new physical interactions department. This is a call, y’all - a shout out to young people in workforce programs everywhere. Show us your new job interview handshake and give an OG like me some new moves to share with young jobseekers everywhere. Post a video of your new handshake on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #makinitshake and send it to @dejesusspeaks on Instagram/facebook. But before you do, here are some old school moves that you can’t use.

The Elbow Bump? You know what they say, “what comes around the block, goes around the block.” The elbow bump is making a comeback these days. Now, even world leaders are swapping out the handshake for their elbows. It may feel silly at first, but don’t worry; everyone is bumping elbows these days. Avoiding a handshake will show connections just how responsible you are while keeping you both healthy. To elbow bump like a boss, go for it with confidence, and be prepared to turn down a handshake and offer that elbow up instead. When you do it, aim to tap the side of the elbow, and don’t use too much force. You’re not trying to hurt anyone and it’s a sure way to ruin any connect is by tweaking their funny bone. If an elbow bump still feels a little too old school, there’s something else you can try, too...

The Wuhan Shake It went viral (excuse the pun) but this greeting is as innocuous as a bad dream. The Wuhan shake came straight out of Wuhan, the city where the outbreak began. Instead of getting close enough to touch elbows, Wuhan residents went right for the foot shake. To do it right, tap your right foot to the other person’s, then the left. This greeting is even safer since unlike elbows, nobody coughs or sneezes right into their shoes. Not sold on either option? Why don’t you come up with an idea, even if just for laughs? Whatever greeting you choose; the rules are simple: 1) maintain six feet distance 2) work with only those who you are socially distanced with and 3) avoid any contact. Check out the video of my sons busting their new job handshake - the TikTok move.

Now let’s see what you got. Just bring extra hand sanitizer just in case your partner forgot. -Edward DeJesus is the author of MAKiN' iT.

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