Is Your Organization Challenged by…

  • Building jobseekers’ excitement around program participation?

  • Engaging and retaining youth who are disconnected from work and school?

  • Helping staff to stay motivated and providing relevant, impactful training?

  • Engaging families and communities?

  • Addressing the false codes of the streets that misdirects many young peoples’ promise?

  • Demonstrating program connections to employers and educational institutions?

  • Building and maintaining connections with employers who are often hesitant to work with high risk populations?

  • Preparing jobseekers for work and educational success?

  • Getting more jobseekers connected to employment opportunities?

I’m Here to Help

Nationally Renowned Workforce Development Expert and Advocate Educates Students and Educators about The Importance of the Number One Workforce Asset


  • Employability

  • Engagement

  • Social Capital

  • Leadership

  • Management

  • Workforce Regulations

  • Job Readiness/Career Development

  • Wrap Around

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Motivational Interviewing


  • Board meetings and Retreats

  • Education and Workforce

  • Conferences

  • School Assemblies

  • Program Kick-Off

  • Foundation

  • Symnposiums


  • MAKiN' iT

  • Connecting the Disconnected

  • Summer Job Success

  • Barriers and Approaches  to Working with Justice-Involved Youth

  • 21st Century Success Principles

  • Making Connections Work



(can BE Delivered in one to three day programs)

New Strategies for Recruitment, Intake, Assessment, Service and Outcomes.
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Building a Social Capital Framework to Support Student and Program Success

Without social capital and both the resource-generating connections it offers and the opportunity-balancing it facilitates, students may fail to maximize economic opportunities. Young people in skills-training and credentialing programs can only go so far without social capital. They require support to help them connect to working individuals in companies and educational institutions who understand the unique challenges they face and who are willing to advocate for them. This advocacy, through an extension of resources and information, links young people to opportunities that they wouldn’t normally be able to access in low-connected communities. This workshop explores the importance of building and utilizing a social capital framework within an organization. Sign up to learn about social capital’s potential to link millions of disconnected youth to workforce programs and the labor market they support.

Increasing Student Employability
A Community Approach to Engaging Hard to Serve Youth and Young Adults

Is your program struggling to connect with targeted populations? DeJesus Solutions’ Community Youth Engagement (CYE) model works with agencies to enhance youth engagement with the broader community, helping youth, your program, and the community thrive together. The CYE model is based on a credible messenger framework through which individuals who overcame similar backgrounds engage youth in structured and intentional relationships that help youth build skills, complete education, succeed in work experiences, and build ever-important social capital. 

Upon contract completion, organizations immediately dive into the Community Youth Engagement (CYE) model assessment. DeJesus Solutions’ team of experts reviews the results and develops a CYE team tailored to the organizations’ needs. The CYE team uses the results to create a personalized, three-day CYE training seminar while carrying out CYE system building and engagement activities all year long. Throughout the initial development of the CYE initiative, these organizations can depend on DeJesus Solutions for ongoing support.

How Credible is Your Credible Message?

The most successful youth-serving organizations know that no amount of resources can match the power of an authentic, community-focused, youth engagement strategy – and they know that a community-asset approach serves youth best.

By incorporating a culturally competent, trauma-informed, and asset-based approach, your organization can truly engage youth – and the communities they call home. Discover the power of establishing and utilizing community-based "Credible Messengers" to reach and engage the hardest to reach youth and young adults. Let DeJesus Solutions show you how.


The Social Cpatial Framework

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